ISO marine high-velocity relief valve
  The basic structure of high-velocity relief valve
  High velocity relief valve with gas freeing cover
  High velocity relief valve with heating device
  High velocity relief valve with forced closing device
  The main performance parameter of high velocity relief valve
  The selection of high-velocity relief valve
  The DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve
  Calculation of valve pipeline pressure drop
  The installment and maintenance of high-velocity relief valve
  High-velocity relief valve monitor equipment
  Marine fire equipment
  PQ8C marine air foam gun
  ZF dry powder automatic spreading device
  Water hose reel station and foam hose reel station
  Marine fire joint
  The stainless steel fire extinguisher stores
  MSY foam fire extinguisher device

9、The installment and maintenance of high-velocity relief valve

  Each consigned high-velocity relief valve was tested by the lab. Which is approved by the state administrative organs, and certified by the required classification society. Each high-velocity relief valve shall be provided in whole, the only installation work is to connect the flanges on the valve with the corresponding flanges on the ventilating pipe of the cargo oil tank.
  The Operating Instructions is attached to the each high-velocity relief valve.
  The precision and the operating pressure of the valve will not change and the parts will not be damaged (except for the damageable seal gasket and seal ring) if each part is installed, cleaned and maintained according to the Operating Instructions. The ISO high-velocity valve can be replaced during the first year the ship-owner used if it is damaged for disassembling or assembling.
  Each ship-owner can get a free course about the valve.
  The design and manufacture of ISO high-velocity relief valve is reasonable, it is easy to disassemble or assemble, and the precision of the valve is under a high level. If the ship-owner assemble it according to the Operating Instructions, it only needs about a few minutes.

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