ISO marine high-velocity relief valve
  The basic structure of high-velocity relief valve
  High velocity relief valve with gas freeing cover
  High velocity relief valve with heating device
  High velocity relief valve with forced closing device
  The main performance parameter of high velocity relief valve
  The selection of high-velocity relief valve
  The DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve
  Calculation of valve pipeline pressure drop
  The installment and maintenance of high-velocity relief valve
  High-velocity relief valve monitor equipment
  Marine fire equipment
  PQ8C marine air foam gun
  ZF dry powder automatic spreading device
  Water hose reel station and foam hose reel station
  Marine fire joint
  The stainless steel fire extinguisher stores
  MSY foam fire extinguisher device


  When the liquid cargo ships need to load the goods of the propylene oxide class, with the DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve. The valve manufacturing materials for 304, 304L, 316L quality stainless steel, pressure valve opening pressure is generally set at 60KPa vacuum valve and the CF-ISO type is equivalent to the chart to below.

7.1 structure diagram of the DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve

7.2 selection and installation of the DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve

  Generally used for liquid cargo ships, carrying propylene oxide class can load ordinary chemicals. Therefore, each cargo tank must be equipped with the CF-ISO, and DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve, and its installation method as shown below. When the loading of the ship propylene oxide class of goods, as long as the CF-ISO-pressure valve is forced to close can the contrary, such as the load of ordinary chemicals, simply open the forced shut-off device. Before loading and unloading shall be the operational requirements of the valve lift check. Inspection, you must also check the pressure valve and vacuum valve of the two valves, the role of mutual insurance, bucause the use of two of two valves can prevent the cargo hold overpressure and pressure loss. According to the flow range of the DF type pressure/vacuum valve can be installed in DN125(including DN125) following ventilation tube, the connection flange is optional by the user.

7.3 pressure curve of the DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve

7.4 types and main parameters of the DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve

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