ISO marine high-velocity relief valve
  The basic structure of high-velocity relief valve
  High velocity relief valve with gas freeing cover
  High velocity relief valve with heating device
  High velocity relief valve with forced closing device
  The main performance parameter of high velocity relief valve
  The selection of high-velocity relief valve
  The DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve
  Calculation of valve pipeline pressure drop
  The installment and maintenance of high-velocity relief valve
  High-velocity relief valve monitor equipment
  Marine fire equipment
  PQ8C marine air foam gun
  ZF dry powder automatic spreading device
  Water hose reel station and foam hose reel station
  Marine fire joint
  The stainless steel fire extinguisher stores
  MSY foam fire extinguisher device

  Taixing Lanjie Shipping Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in the south of the Taixing City, by the Changjiang River and near Nanjiang-Nantong Expressway and Jiangyin Bridge. It's convenient for transportation.
  The company specially manufactures the marine safety equipments and fire protection equipments which was built in 90s.
  Recently, the high velocity relief valve (pressure/vacuum valve) which---was researched and manufactured by itself, has got the technology innovation fund for medium or small enterprise, and filled the domestic gap. It also was built by our company firstly in China.
  Marine series high-velocity relief valve and laboratory for the high velocity relief valve was ratified by the China Classification Society and some foreign classification societies.
  The series high velocity relief valve, which was manufactured by our company that has became the essentials in oil tank and chemical tanker both at home and abroad.
  Our tenet is to contribute in the marine safety industry, create the A-class products and serve for all the customers. We also insist on Quality comes first, safeguard our credit.



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