ISO marine high-velocity relief valve
  The basic structure of high-velocity relief valve
  High velocity relief valve with gas freeing cover
  High velocity relief valve with heating device
  High velocity relief valve with forced closing device
  The main performance parameter of high velocity relief valve
  The selection of high-velocity relief valve
  The DF-ISO high-velocity relief valve
  Calculation of valve pipeline pressure drop
  The installment and maintenance of high-velocity relief valve
  High-velocity relief valve monitor equipment
  Marine fire equipment
  PQ8C marine air foam gun
  ZF dry powder automatic spreading device
  Water hose reel station and foam hose reel station
  Marine fire joint
  The stainless steel fire extinguisher stores
  MSY foam fire extinguisher device

PQ8C Marine Air Foam Gun

  PQ8C Marine Air Foam Gun is a portable fire extinguishgun which conforms to the current CCS standard and the rules of SOLAS Revised Draft in 1974 and 1981. The gun itself produces and spraies air foam to extinguish fire disaster caused by oil and inflammable liquid that come from the machine boiler ets. It also can spray water to extinguish the fire that caused by common solid materal. This product is made of seawater corrosion-resistant materilal. Made delicately and firm, assembled and disassembled quickly, it is easy to use. The product also equips a backup anti-rusting steel barrel(20 Liter). While pressure water running though the air foam gun, the spherical valve on the liquid absorptive pipe that connects with the foam barrel will open, Then foam mixed liquid will spray. When the shipping hydraulic pressure is above 0.2 MPa, this product can running normally.

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